Elena Smelansky. Motherland - Russia, Alma Mater - Saint Petersburg. In 1987 graduated from the Mukhina State Academy of Arts. Interest in the photograph appeared already in the school years. In 1990 my family immigrated to Israel. Since 1996 worked in still life photography. It draws me by its apparent simplicity and accessibility - light beautifully falls, shadows give depth, objects stand motionlessly, their tangibility is felt on the finger tips. Specifically, apparent simplicity causes tendency toward minimalism. My style - still life, maximum minimalism. Group exhibitions: Jerusalem Photo Club, annual exhibitions, starting from 1996. Personal exhibitions: 2002, 2004, 2006 in various Jerusalem galleries.


Leonid Khromchenko. I was born in Moscow on 16.07.1941 in a bomb shelter. As I was told, it was the first day of the German bombing of Moscow. I saw my father for the first time only in 1946. From 1948 to 1958 I studied at a typical, usual by all means, school. In 1956 my cousin, Jacob Khromchenko, returned after the Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation in the context of the former Soviet Union was the restoration of a person who was criminally prosecuted without due basis, to the state of being "not guilty"). For obvious reasons, I did not know about his existence earlier. Jacob got back to VGIK (Russian State University of Cinematography - film school in Moscow) and infected me with the cinematography bacillus. Close friendship with him and with his circles turned my world at all possible and impossible degrees. Among other things, in order to pass entrance examinations at the camera operator department of VGIK, I began to take photographs. VGIK did not accept me, and I went into the army. After the army I got a job at the MOSFILM (the largest and oldest film studio in Russia). I worked and studied there at special courses, but the real learning for me was meeting wonderful people and working in personal contact with them. I worked there for 13 years. In 1977, after my daughter was born I have decided to take the family away from anti-Semitism, which was reviving by a command "from above". Arriving in Israel, I began working at an Israeli television (1st state channel), where I work up to date. In the mid 80-ies, I was employed as a photographer by the Rockefeller Museum and the Museum of Israel. I take pictures for myself all my life, but with long pauses. I participated in group exhibitions and made several personal ones in Israel. That's all, in brief. I do not really know who I am and what I am - and do not want to know. Let it rolls by itself, I'll follow.

Vladimir Naikhin. IEPAS.
Born in 1946, Kharkov, Ukraine.
Professional photographer for 30 years.
Participated in various photo exhibitions (Israel, Ukraine, Spain, USA, France, Czech Republic, Canada, and Singapore).
At present I live and work in Jerusalem.

Lev Yudalevich. I was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1967. Photography became one of my interests at an early age, when the magic of print developing fascinated my imagination. Throughout the school years and later in university, the leisure of taking pictures turned into an outlet for artistic impulses of a mathematician. After moving to Israel in 1991, I met with unfamiliar realities, with completely new urban and nature landscapes, but also with several like-minded people. This setting pushed me to start to think about how to quit picture-taking and to begin making photographs.